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Forum statistics

(Vojtech Huser) #1

In a proposal, we want to refer to level of community engagement within OHDSI. @lee_evans ? Can someone possibly post some statistics about this forum. E.g., number of distinct users, number of posts (and replies). Total number of hours spend by all users on the forum. We hope to demonstrate that if we should new ETL on this forum, it will reach a large community of folks. (as bonus, make it refresh monthly or show growth over time; the usual data science but not on healthcare data but on forum data).

(Patrick Ryan) #2

Hey @Vojtech_Huser, @hripcsa shared these statistics in his OHDSI State of the Community talk at the OHDSI2020 Symposium:

3,997 distinct users have made 25,117 posts with 4,705,098 pageviews