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Feedback Wanted! New LOINC Groups File


(Katie Allen) #1

LOINC has just released a new accessory file containing LOINC groups. This is the first (alpha) attempt at equivalences classes for LOINC terms. We would really love to receive feedback from this community! You all represent a highly active research cohort with high likelihood of benefitting from this work so hearing from you is critical to moving forward on subsequent versions.

Please consider downloading the file (https://loinc.org/downloads/accessory-files/) and joining the discussion in our Forum (https://loinc.org/forums/forum/loinc-groups/). I’ll also monitor this forum.

(Vojtech Huser) #2

LOINC groups represent a “secondary” hierarchy provided for free by LOINC SDO.
EDIT: The are available in the vocabulary.
see this link


There is a total of 6638 groups

Some examples


note type

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(Alexander Davydov) #3

It seems LOINC doesn’t support it completely and some tests are missing their Group.
That’s why Parts to be used for building comprehensive cohorts.