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Feasibility of Network studies that use the NOTE, NOTE_NLP, and Flowsheets

Dear OHDSI community. We are evaluating the feasibility of network studies that use the NOTE, NOTE_NLP, and flowsheets. We are in the process of creating a study protocol that uses those sources. The leaders of this initiative are Evan Minty (University of Calgary) and Jose Posada (Stanford University).

Below a link for a 20s survey that will help us determine that

Thanks in advance for your help and participation.


@krfeeney, @tduarte, @Daniel_Prieto, @david_vizcaya, @Juan_Banda, @Patrick_Ryan, @HuaXu, @SCYou, @schillil

Hi Jose,

This is great! We will try our best to help from the OHDSI NLP Working Group. I signed up your google doc. Let us know what you need from us.


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Thank you for the support @HuaXu, I will be contacting you shortly