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Fatal error when running Achilles on RStudio instance - OHDSIonAWS

Every time I run Achilles using the database connector to connect to Amazon Redshift, I receive a fatal error before the entire run can complete that states the following:
Error: 'makeCluster' is not an exported object from 'namespace:OhdsiRTools'

Below are the parameters used when running Achilles:

achilles(connectionDetails = connectionDetails,
         cdmDatabaseSchema = "study",
         resultsDatabaseSchema = "studyresults",
         scratchDatabaseSchema = "studyresults",
         vocabDatabaseSchema = "study",
         createTable = TRUE,
         createIndices = TRUE,
         cdmVersion = 5.3,
         numThreads = 1,
         dropScratchTables = TRUE,
         runHeel = FALSE)

From what I can see, the makeCluster object is from the ParallelLogger package, and this package should only be utilized when running in multi-thread mode. There must be some sort of bug that is causing this behavior. I’ve logged this as an issue in GitHub as well.

I am using Achilles version 1.6.3