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Fasting and Random - LDL Cholestrol - Measurement Table

Hello Everyone,

I have lab test results for LDL Cholestrol measurement. However along with values, I also have a information regarding whether the patient was fasting or not (random).

I don’t think Measurement table can accomodate this info. Any advice on how and where can I park this info and tie it to my measurement value?

I guess LDL measurement values varies based on whether food was had or not. Should it go to observation table?


You can use these concepts to indicate random and fasting
4042758 Plasma random LDL cholesterol measurement
4041721 Plasma fasting LDL cholesterol measurement

It is probably serum cholesterol and not plasma, so just be careful with using the right one.

Good point.
I have doubts about this as well.
actually, I don’t think there’s a difference, if you search in LOINC, it specifies both “Serum or plasma”
But unfortunately LOINC doesn’t specify food intake state :frowning:

@Dymshyts and @Mark_Danese - Thank you for the response. The cholestrol measurement that I am dealing with is “Total Cholestrol”. Am not able to find any close match for this measurement. For LDL and HDL, Yes, I am able to find for fasting and Random. But for total cholestrol, I can’t find. I see the below item for “Fasting” but this is marked as a procedure class and not available for Random Cholestrol as well. Can we use this? I do’t wish to put the measurement_concept_id as 0(zero). is there any concepts that you are aware of?


You’re welcome!

Don’t worry about concept_class. Domain defines the usage in the CDM tables.
And this concept has Measurement domain, so you can use it!

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