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Family history in CDM

(caihaoyan) #1

i have a question about how to store family history in CDM. as i understood, family history should go to “observation” table. concept_id is ID for “FH”, then using value_as_concept_id to store the information of dieases. but how to store information about which family memeber has the disease? for example: patient A, uncle has mental disorder, 2 sisters have depression and brother has insomnia.

thanks for help in advance.

haoyan from China

(Maxim Moinat) #2

We came across a similar requirement and could not find a standardised way to store the affected family member. The convention you mention is indeed an open proposal in the Themis WG..

We build on this convention and additionally stored the family member information in the qualifier_concept_id field. For example 42535594 - Paternal uncle. Would this also work in your case?

Atlas is able to work with the data in this (you can define your observation event with a qualifier attribute). But maybe not as intuitive for end-users. Any comments?

(caihaoyan) #3

thank. very helpful information. and looking forward to final sandardised solution.