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Fact_relationship domain_concept_id

Per spec domain_concept_id are integers, and are FK to the “Concept” table. I see that the example uses “Person” as values, which it isn’t really the case.
In other post, it says "These concepts have domain_id=“Metadata” (because they basically refer to CDM’s own structure) and vocabulary_id=“Domain” "
(The result should be this, I leave it for future reference)
My issue with this, is that Person (with id 56) is non-standard code, which seems strange for a _concept_id code.
Then we have codes for the omop tables themselves such as Person (with id 1147314) which is standard

Should the former codes be used even if they are not standard? Should documentation be improved to point to the actual values?

I am also confused about domain concepts. When the “other post” was written they were still standard, but apparently became non-standard sometime early 2020.
Thanks for raising the question, would be great to have this clarified.

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