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Extend start and end datetime


What about adding start_datetime and end_datetime in all tables?
I am referring in particular to the procedure_occurrence, measurement and observation tables.
Isn’t it logical that a procedure should last over time?
How to collect a diuresis over a period of time?

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

I like your suggestion.
And Anesthesia is one of the obviuos examples where we need to have end datetime in procedures.

Also statement “Procedures are expected to be carried out within one day and therefore have no end date.”
is also not true in this case - what if some Anesthesia was given overnight?

(Christian Reich) #3

Friends: isn’t there an issue in the CDM Github already? If not, put it in. Nobody seems to object. The “no end date” was relevant when we had only a resolution of a day.