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Experiences in Creating Data Linkages between CDM and All-Payer Claims Databases

Hi all,

I am currently wondering if anyone in the OHDSI community has worked with All-Payer Claims Databases and have given any thought to how one might establish Data Linkages between, for example, All Payer Claims Databases layouts like the Common Data Layout and the OMOP Common Data Model. If so, I would be interested in hearing your experiences or thoughts on the matter. It seems to me if such linkages were established, this would provide a powerful resource for the OHDSI community in conducting large scale observational studies.

I have only found one narrative so far published by Tega Dibie, @Adam_Black, Tom Merril, and Kate Ahrens (CC’d if you have time, I would appreciate hearing any additional insights beyond that poster I linked) on their experience transforming Maine’s All Payer Claims Database to OMOP Common Data Model. Perhaps I missed additional ones. Does anyone know of any additional narratives or publications?

Thanks everyone!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree: