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executeDqChecks: with cohort or without cohort?

I’m executing the function:
DataQualityDashboard::executeDqChecks(connectionDetails= connectionDetails,
cdmVersion = “5.4”,
cdmDatabaseSchema = “cdm”,
resultsDatabaseSchema = “cdm”,
cdmSourceName= “XX”,
outputFolder = “XX_output_dqd”)

checks ← DataQualityDashboard::listDqChecks(cdmVersion = “5.4”)


Executing the function without specifying the previous fields relating to the cohort is possible.

Can the generated checks be considered complete to proceed with the inspection of the SME?
It is recommend re-executing the executeDqChecks function by specifying the following variables (
cohortDefinitionId ,
Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Katia - the answer is up to you! Do you have a specific cohort of patients you would like to run the DQD on? Or is your aim to assess the data quality of your OMOP CDM as a whole? If the latter, you do not need (or want) to specify a cohort (this is the typical use case for DQD).

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