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Evolution of national observational database, natural history of sovereign db, collaboration

(Shawn Dolley) #1

Hey all. Anyone with experience in one of the countries that has adopted an OHDSI standard, or has a national/ sovereign observational database. I think this is Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, South Korea and new EU. I need to make a roadmap of what milestones naturally occur on the road to generating the political support, political will, natural resources, data, people etc… that results in a vibrant nationally funded program. If I have to do this solo I will, but would rather have some partners. Am willing to do the work to clean it and publish it as a Commentary somewhere if it turns out interesting. Of course corollaries in programs like UK 100K Genomes and US PMI All of US and others.

Shawn Dolley
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(Rae Woong Park) #2

It’s hard to describe simply for me how the the whole clinical communities and government officers in a county had been focused on the OHDSI OMOP-CDM and decide to invest a lot of funds into it.
Here is a brief description what’s going in South Korea:
This poster will be presented in 29 Mar 2019 European OHDSI.

(Shawn Dolley) #3

Wow. Great poster. And does that say 97 million patients at the bottom? … that is crazy big…

(Rohit Vashisht) #4

Excellent. Way to go.