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EU Oncology workshop

(shilpa) #1

Are you attending the 2020 EU Symposium? The Oncology Workgroup is conducting a day long workshop focusing on the EU Cancer Registry on the 26th of March. If you’re attending the symposium and would also like to participate in EU Oncology Workshop, please email me at sratwani@us.imshealth.com with the Subject - EU Oncology Workshop. I can provide further details and also headcounts back to the organizers.

Along with the EU Oncology Workshop, there are also plans to provide a training workshop around Development of R Code and ETL. Dr Seng Chan You will be facilitating this Development working session. We are working out the logistics for this and hope to have this session right after the EU Symposium. If you are interested in this session, please reach out to sratwani@us.imshealth.com with the Subject - Development of R and ETL Workshop.