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ETL using Perseus


Does anyone has expereince using Perseus tools

for their ETL.

We would like to have a continuous-develoment-like ETL.
Meaning that we can easyly make changes in out ETL and run the data thougth it to experiment different options. Perseus seems a good tool for this.

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I was not even aware of this, who is developing this beauty!

We should have them in our community call

@admin @Patrick_Ryan @CraigSachson @ekatzman

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@e.alex and Anton Ivanov presented Perseus on the HealthCare Systems (formerly EHR WG) call November 12, 2021. In the HealthCare Systems Teams space you will find notes with links in the “EHR to OMOP WG Meeting Minutes” doc. And under the Files > Recordings you will find the recording of the Nov. 12th call


@jposada, I also recomemend to watch the recording that @MPhilofsky suggest. It has some important details I didnt see at first in the wiki. For example, the ability to create intermediary tables.


Hi dear,
I could not find the link to the presentation.
if you have the link please add it here.
many thanks.


Here’s the link to the Perseus presentation recording from the Healthcare Systems interest group meeting.

oh my… I was not aware of that community call. Thank you @MPhilofsky !!

The EHR WG is now known as the Healthcare Systems group :slight_smile: And we now meet at 10am every other Monday. Our next call is Monday, May 23rd.

@Javier - I have been working with it a bit. Still Beta. It is a very promising tool. The deployment instructions are good for setting up on Docker Desktop. To see the full power you’ll need a source dataset or sample CSVs.

@Javier if you need any assistance or would like to know more, please feel free to write me at alexander.efimov@softwarecountry.com

We are very interested in getting to know your use cases and evolve the tooling based on that.

Thank you for your kind assistance in helping us install and run Perseus. As you know I was having a strange problem with a conflict on port 5000.

I found the issue! And I wanted to alert you so that you can inform the broader community of potential users who might try to use Docker Desktop for Mac OS, especially since Monterrey and currrently with Ventura releases of the OS.

Apple uses port 5000 for incoming requests to Airplay music from devices to the MacOS machine. Turning this off is simple:

Again, thank you for your prompt response and the branch you provided on GitHub!