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ETL for note talbe


(Ildong Lee) #1

Dear sir,

we are considering a note data ETL. Even though, I reviewed the discussion ahead here, I couldn’t get sufficient understanding about note table now. Therefore, i’m here for asking your kind help.

Specifically, we are planning to start converting from diabetes note, however, i’m still in vague about the concept of note_id and note_type_concept_id. could you help me to find right use case of those concept?

in addition, the note is mostly written in Korean. is it capable to use Korean for the note_table? or it is just decision up to converting organization?

thank you for your time and help in advance.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

Hi @ildonglee!

Is just a row number in the table.

A foreign key to the predefined Concept in the Standardized Vocabularies reflecting the type, origin or provenance of the Note.
These belong to the ‘Note Type’ vocabulary

There’s no restriction of language:
You can fill it in Korean and set language_concept_id = Korean language.

(Ildong Lee) #3

@Dymshyts thank you sir. your reply resolved everything i wondered. I appreciate it :slight_smile:
hope you are doing fine!