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ETL-CDMBuilder Exception found

(belay birlie) #21

Specially for data1-data8 for TEST table and data1-data7 for Additional table

(Anton) #22

Thanks for schema I will back on weekends and will help you.

(belay birlie) #23

Thank you!

(belay birlie) #24

Just to let you know where I am.

  1. There was indeed a problem with the data type for additional and test table and I corrected that
  2. The column names for additional table should have been data1_value/data_date rather than data1 and I corrected that
  3. when I look in to the definition of Additional table {Builders}\org.ohdsi.cdm.builders.cprd_v5\CPRDV5\Definitions , we need additional tables. I upload the ‘entity’, ‘product’, and ‘medical’ table but couldn’t find the ‘lookup’ and ‘lookuptype’ table from CPRD gold release and we have contacted CPRD to give us if they have it


(Anton) #25

Hi Belay,

I have sent email to my colleagues, they should help with missed tables. I’ll let you know as soon as they answer.


(belay birlie) #26

Thank you Anton!