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Ethnicity concept

(Robyn Rubin) #1

Hi all,
We need to map our patient details to OMOP CDM, but it seems that the list of ethnic groups in Israel do not comply with the Concepts found in the Athena.
What we need to map is:
Jewish, Muslim Arab, Muslim, Christian Arab, Christian, Druze, Other.
Can anyone help on this matter?

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

The concepts in the Concept table are based on the US definitions of ethnicity..

Looking at your short list, I would say you have religion data: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc. and race data: Arab. Race data goes to the Person table and religion lives in the Observation table.

(Robyn Rubin) #3

Thanks for clarifying. You have been a great help.

This list will go under the Observation table.

person.ethnicity would have to remain unknown as it does not comply with our data.

person.race would have Arab, other race, etc.

Concepts are available therefore.