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[Estimation Results] Sqlite file in cmOutput


My name is Kyungseon Choi, and I am researching pharmaceutical economics using OHDSI tools and OMOP-CDM in South Korea.

I am writing on the “CDM builders” forum to get one confirmation related to sqlite file.
I’m posting this because I don’t have anything about this topic in the forum.

In the sqlite file in the result folder (cmOutput) derived through Estimation, it was confirmed that there are five files: analysisRef, cohorts, covariateRef, covariates, outcomes.
I want to join them, but I would like to ask if it is safe to regard the foreign key as “rowId”. (e.g.,
If the “rowId” is the same, can it be regarded as data from the same patient?)

Any comments in this regard are appreciated.
I appreciate your help.