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Estimation R - Covariate computing error

Hi, I’m SeHee Oh and CDM researcher in Yonsei University from south korea.

When I run estimation in R with a zip file downloaded from Atlas, continuously, I keep getting a same error.

I traced some logs,
I guess that the rds file shoud be created according to “FUN creating covariate balance file”, but actually, it was empty when I see the directory.
So it looks like occuring the below(pink) “!file.exists(file)” error.

I’m not sure how to create the rds file. please help.

These are the versions I use.
Atlas 2.7.6
webapi 2.7.6
R 3.6.3
-package: CohortMethod 4.0.0

thank you!

Unfortunately, the study package generated by ATLAS does not work with the latest versions of the HADES packages. I recommend you regenerate your study package as described here.