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ESTIMATION: how to set the Control time in a self-controlled cohort?

(panpan) #1

dear all,
when I read thebookofohdsi, I find the part of estimation can do self-controlled cohort design, and it have main design choices like the picture. I have a question that how can we set control time in atlas?

thank you very much!

(Christian Reich) #2


Self-controlled design studies are not yet supported by ATLAS. You have to call the R package by hand with these parameters set by hand. It’s on the list of things to do.

(panpan) #3

thank you very much @Christian_Reich, get it. Besides, in the estimation part, there are a lot of designs like the picture in thebookofohdsi. I find I can only understand how to do Cohort Method Design using the Atlas, but
I can‘t understand how to construct the others,not only self-controlled cohort design,but also the case-control design, case-crossover design and self-controlled case series design? how to do that?
thank you very much!