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Estimation: how can i use atlas to estimate the differences of two target cohorts and one comparator cohort ?


(panpan) #1

dear all,
I want to use the atlas to estimate the differences between three groups ,such as two targets and one comparator ?but the atlas seems to only select one target cohort and one comparator. SO, how can I complete my research?

Best regards

(Martijn Schuemie) #2

Typically you would define two comparisons: target1 vs. comparator, and target2 vs. comparator. You can easily define multiple comparisons in ATLAS.

It all depends on the question you wish to answer. Ordinarily, the question has the form “What is the effect of T on O, compared to C?”. What question are you trying to answer?

(panpan) #3

Got it,thank you very much!