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Errors in drug concepts?

(Gerald Pulver) #1

It appears that some of the strengths given for lozenges may be inaccurate. Who, if anyone, should I inform?

concept_id concept_name
41508431 Ascorbic Acid 2220000 MG / Foeniculum vulgare whole extract 55200 MG / Mentha piperita extract 434000 MG / Pimpinella anisum extract 592000 MG / pine needle oil (pinus mugo) 188000 MG Oral Lozenge
41513771 Ascorbic Acid 2260000 MG / Foeniculum vulgare whole extract 56000 MG / Mentha piperita extract 440000 MG / Pimpinella anisum extract 600000 MG / pine needle oil (pinus mugo) 190000 MG Oral Lozenge
41506240 Ascorbic Acid 37700000 MG / Honey preparation 1430000 MG / Matricaria chamomilla flowering top oil 2020000 MG / Menglytate 5870000 MG / Mentha piperita extract 2020000 MG / Menthol 1680000 MG / Pimpinella anisum extract 2020000 MG / … Oral Lozenge
41515203 Ascorbic Acid 38300000 MG / Honey preparation 1450000 MG / Matricaria chamomilla flowering top oil 2040000 MG / Menglytate 5950000 MG / Mentha piperita extract 2040000 MG / Menthol 1700000 MG / Pimpinella anisum extract 2040000 MG / … Oral Lozenge
41503058 Ascorbic Acid 49000000 MG / Glycyrrhiza glabra extract 22100000 MG / Menthol 22100000 MG Oral Lozenge
41494623 Ascorbic Acid 6160000 MG / Foeniculum vulgare whole extract 67600 MG / Matricaria chamomilla flowering top oil 616000 MG / Menglytate 1230000 MG / Mentha piperita extract 381000 MG / Menthol 339000 MG / … Oral Lozenge
41498939 Ascorbic Acid 9650000 MG / Foeniculum vulgare whole extract 106000 MG / Matricaria chamomilla flowering top oil 965000 MG / Menglytate 1930000 MG / Mentha piperita extract 595000 MG / Menthol 530000 MG / … Oral Lozenge

(Daryna Ivakhnenko) #2

Hello Gerald Pulver!

Thank you for highlighting this issue. You came to the right place with this question. We are going to investigate this case and update these concepts during the next RxNorm Extension release.

(Wilson Pace) #3

Hi Daryna-
I have a more long term set of questions that I hope you can help with. I work with Gerry and his drug findings came from the same overall project. For a large NIH project we are mapping multiple standardized instruments into OMOP for an Early Psychosis network. The project invovles 8 data hubs and perhaps 60 to 80 data providing sites for NIMH. A few of the instruments have the total score mapped to OMOP but virtually none of the currently exist at the item level in any of the ontologies that we can find in OMOP. In the long run it would be great to have the instruments in the NIH CDE repository and since our group is 100% OMOP adding them to the OMOP specific ontology makes the most sense to us. So two questions to start with:
What is the best way to advance this conversation?
A few of the instruments are copyrighted - we have a license for use - but do you generally stay away from adding these types of instruments to the overall OMOP terminology database?
Wilson Pace

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

Hi @Wilson_Pace

  • Please start a new forum topic. It would be good if you put some exact examples of concepts missing in OMOP which should be added.
  • Join the Psychiatry Working Group, where you can share your problem, and we can come up with the decision. Please contact @shilparatwani so she can invite you.

If there are a lot of organizations using this terminology, we publish the vocabulary on Athena as licence restricted, but if you have this licence, you can download it with your vocabulary batch. And to do so, the OHDSI vocabulary team should obtain the licence as well.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #5

Actually, here’s the working group list
and you can see there
Psychiatry WG: Thursday, March 18 at 8 am ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Thursday at 8 am ET.

We encourage you not only to share your issues but also share the information about this project.

that sounds exacty what a Psych workgroup is interested in and can help with.