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Error while running a PLE package

(Jimyung Park) #1

Hi, all
This is Jimyung from Ajou university

I was running a PLE package and I got this error at Fitting shared propensity score models step.

Seems like the high correlation between covariates is the problem.
I think excluding more concepts or select fewer covariates could be a solution, but I’m not sure the exact reason of the problem and how to solve it.
Which one should I change? or is there any other way to solve this error?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #2

Hi @JMPark!

You’re right. The high correlation between covariates relates to concepts you need to exclude at baseline from your propensity score model. Hidden inside your red error message are OMOP concept IDs and the string description of the concept. You should take these concept IDs and add them to your exclusion concept set [JMPark] Concepts to Exclude for Tramadol vs NSAIDs. Once you’ve updated your exclusion list, you’ll need to redownload the ZIP file and rebuild the R library.

If you can’t find the Concept IDs, send me [Kristin.Kostka(at)iqvia(dot)com] your error log and I’ll help you decipher this.

Usually this will resolve this message. Sometimes may get new error messages. Don’t worry @mattspotnitz has some tricks to help! :blush: Keep us posted!

(Jimyung Park) #3

Thanks, Kristin!

I’ll check the log file first and let you know :slight_smile: