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Error While Accessing the Profile In Atlas


(Umesh Yadav) #1

Getting the following error while accessing the profile of the patient in atlas.

relation “synthea1kresults.cohort” does not exist
@Chris_Knoll @Christian_Reich Any of you guys can help me out to fix this issue please since I am facing this issue from quite sometime now.

(Chris Knoll) #2

You need to create the results schema in your CDM database. Documentation is here.

(Umesh Yadav) #3

We have a result schema in the database but in that schema cohort table is missing and thats exactly error also reflecting. Actually we have set up this environment using https://github.com/OHDSI/OHDSIonAWS cloud formation template. We have used the sample dataset while doing the set up. I have run the achillies characterization on the data source and in result schema I can see all the achillies table but cohort table is not there in the result schema.

Can you guide me, how I can create that? is cohortMethod something which needs to be used to create cohort table if yes please also guide me how to do that?

(Chris Knoll) #4

@JamesSWiggins : I thought that the OHDSIonAWS builds the results schema based on the DDL provided by WebAPI? I checked the source code, and cohort.sql is included in the result output, so the cohort table should be created. Any ideas?

(Umesh Yadav) #5

@JamesSWiggins @Chris_Knoll Any Update?

(Chris Knoll) #6

If you are willing to create the tables yourself, I pointed you the documentation that instructs you how to do so:

Since you do have a WebAPI istance running, you can invoke the endpoint that will output the DDL. Just find the tables that you are missing and execute the statements to set up your results schema.