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Error testing PLP Installation

(Walter Cedeño) #1

Hi All,

I am a beginner to using PLP. I recently installed PLP environment on Windows Server using the PLP installation guide and video on how to setup the pre-requisites. I get an error when checking support for large objects when testing the installation. Following are some of the details of the session.

outputFolder <- “./CataractED4CS1Results”
options(fftempdir = “D:/temp”)

connectionDetails <- DatabaseConnector::createConnectionDetails(dbms = dbms,
server = server,
user = user,
password = pw,
port = port)
PatientLevelPrediction::checkPlpInstallation(connectionDetails = connectionDetails, python = T)

Checking support for large data objects
Error in ff(initdata = initdata, length = length, levels = levels, ordered = ordered, :
vmode ‘character’ not implemented

I did reviewed a discussion from 2016 on a OHDSI GitHub repo various causes for this error. I tried to address most of the possible causes provided there. That is the reason we added fftempdir definition to D drive with over 200GB of free space.

Any other suggestions to what might be causing this error will be greatly appreciated.