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Error seen using "docker compose down" for Broadsea on Windows and workaround

I’m seeing the error show below using “docker compose down” to shut down Broadsea on Windows. I’m using the following as a workaroud.

Stop all containers:
docker container stop $(docker container list -aq)

Also, attached are two scripts others might find useful. One will remove all containers etc. from your Docker instance, the other will show you what exists on your Docker instance.

clean-docker.sh.txt (430 Bytes)
show-docker.bat.txt (152 Bytes)

These script should work using Windows PowerShell.

Hi John!

If you are using the latest Broadsea (discussed today at DevCon) then the command is:

docker compose --profile default down

This “–profile default” is needed for both up and down commands, now that the docker-compose.yml is using profiles.



Good info for the readme, https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea/issues/70

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Thanks @Sanjay_Udoshi, that was the problem. Your solution fixes it. Thanks!

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