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Error seen running ETLSyntheaBuilder::LoadEventTables Using Microsoft Sql Server and Synthea v3.0.0

I’m getting the error shown below trying to run ETLSyntheaBuilder::LoadEventTables using Microsoft Sql Server.

Have others had success with this tool in MS Sql Server? What versions of Synthea, ETLSyntheaBuilder::LoadEventTables, and the CDM did you use?

Details are here:

> ETLSyntheaBuilder::LoadEventTables(
+ 	connectionDetails = cd, 
+ 	cdmSchema = cdmSchema, 
+ 	syntheaSchema = syntheaSchema, 
+ 	cdmVersion = cdmVersion, 
+ 	syntheaVersion = 
+ 	syntheaVersion
+ )
Connecting using SQL Server driver
Running: insert_location.sql
  |                                                                                                          |   0%Error in `.createErrorReport()`:
! Error executing SQL:
com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: The function 'row_number' must have an OVER clause with ORDER BY.
An error report has been created at  C:/temp/ponos/errorReportSql.txt
Run `rlang::last_trace()` to see where the error occurred.