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Error on subsumes: Pancytopenia causes by medication subsumes of Leukopenia caused by drugs

Concept_id: 606834
Concept_name: Leukopenia caused by drug
Concept_class_id: Clinical Finding
Vocabulary: Snomed
Concept: Standard
Concept_code: 1148696006
It has between its subsumes Pancytopenia caused by medication.
Leukopenia is included when exist a Pancytopenia, I think that Leukopenia caused by drug can be subsumes of Pancytopenia caused by medication but does not Pancytopenia subsumes of Leukopenia

Hello @Laila_Noya

Can’t see it.
Leukopenia caused by drug subsumes pancytopenia caused by medication.

And the parent concept is cytopenia caused by drug, not pancytopenia

Hello @zhuk , thank you for your answer.
Pancytopenia caused for medication in hierarchy appear like Leukopenia caused by drug child, and is one of its subsumes.
Cytopenia caused by drug → Leukopenia caused by drug → Pancytopenia caused by medication.
Clinically that does not make sense, but maybe I am not understanding the hierarchy. Thank you for your opinion

To have pancytopenia, one must have leukopenia because pancytopenia is a reduced number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Leukopenia is only related to white blood cells.
So every pancytopenia is indeed leukopenia, that’s why the hierarchy is

Cytopenia caused by drug → Leukopenia caused by drug → Pancytopenia caused by medication

It helps with the concept set/cohort building. When you select ‘Leukopenia’ with descendants as an initial concept in Atlas, you will also get patients with pancytopenia, unless otherwise specified.

Thank you for your answer. It is important to understand it.