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Error in OncoRegimenFinder

Hello, I’m using OncoRegimenFinder recently, and getting an oracle syntaxerror…
It’s suspicious that the library OncoRegimenFinder does not work properly with oracle.
The error is the following:

Error in lowLevelQuerySql.defualt(conn,statement) :
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00933: SQL COMMAND NOT PROPERLY ENDED

It’s suspicious that there is some comma or parenthesis dropped in a sql file, since it is a syntax error.

I tried to find any error in the sql files in OncoRegimenFinder/sql/sql_server directory, but I couldn’t.

Here is the code that I wrote in R.

connDetails<-createConnectionDetails(dbms="oracle", server="****", user="gr2338", password="****", pathToDriver="C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/jdbc/lib", oracleDriver="thin")

create_regimens(connectionDetails=connDetails, cdmDatabaseSchema="CDM_2020_VIEW", writeDatabaseSchema="gr2338", cohortTable="COHORT", regimenTable="gr2338_regimen", regimenIngredientTable="gr2338_regimenIngredient",vocabularyTable="gr2338_voc", drug_classification_id_input=c("35804391","35804530"), date_lag_input=30, regimen_repeat=5, generateVocabTable=T)

Or is it the case that OncoRegimenFinder only works with postgresql?

I would appreciate very much for any help.