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Error: Can't combine `database_id` <double> and `database_id` <character>

I have come to such error when running CohortDiagnostics:::runConceptSetDiagnostics(...)

- Censoring 257 values (13.7%) from conceptCount because value below minimum
- Censoring 259 values (13.8%) from conceptSubjects because value below minimum
Finding orphan concepts took 8.13 mins

Error: Can't combine `database_id` <double> and `database_id` <character>.

Given the context, I assume it is after line 862 of CohortDiagnostics/ConceptSets.R at master · OHDSI/CohortDiagnostics · GitHub

Just interested, how do you mitigate such error? There is very little documentation how we should fill in our databaseId, and I am not sure if it is our fault.