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ERAs tables Memory issue

(Clair Blacketer) #1

I am moving this question over to the forums as I think more people will see it over here than on the CDM github.


We are working on the mapping of our database to the OMOP CDM. We have been able to run all the ETLs designed, but when executing the ERA ones (taken from https://ohdsi.github.io/CommonDataModel/sqlScripts.html) we run into this error:

“(74360397 rows affected)
Mens 1101, Level 17, State 10, Procedure dbo.CREATE_DRUG_ERA, Line 44
A new page could not be allocated for database ‘TEMPDB’ because filegroup ‘DEFAULT’ has insufficient disk space. Remove objects from the filegroup, add additional files to the filegroup, or set the auto-grow option for existing files in the filegroup to create the necessary space.”

Condition_occurrence and drug_exposure are populated. We have a similar problem when running condition_era. Has any of you found the same issue? If so, how to solve it?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

  • github user Carlogo815