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EHR working group FHIR discussion

During our EHR working group meeting this week, Paul Nagy will present “FHIR to OMOP: What is FHIR, how does FHIR relate to OMOP, what are OHDSI and FHIR doing together?”.

Friday, June 11th at 10am ET on MSTeams.

Interesting. When I first know the terms I realize they are similar and sometimes wonder why OMOP isnt FHIR?

I’ll try to join. FYI I have just given similar talks this week at FHIR DevDays US21, to explain the FHIR community what OMOP is and isn’t. There are many misconceptions at both sides.

FHIR is data interoperability standards. OMOP is data model designed for research, data analytics, patient level predictions

Friends: Please come on Wednesday.