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EHR data to OMOP CDM Work Group

Hi all! I just joined this working group via the forms, is there anything else I need to do to get started. Is there any mailing list or other useful resources? If so please add me:

Thank you, and look forward to seeing people at the next meeting!

Welcome @bjernigan!

We don’t have a mailing list. Our communication happens here on the forum and in the ‘Posts’ section of the EHR Workgroup on MSTeams.

Hello all,

The EHR WG is changing our meeting day to Monday. Our first Monday meeting will be next Monday, December 6th at 10am Eastern Time.

The topic is the Visit Detail table. I will present how we use the Visit Detail table at CU Anschutz with our EHR sourced CDM.

Hi All.

First, first time forum poster.

A bit of an intro: my name is Tim Huerta and I’m the Chief Research Information Officer at The Ohio State University. We are in the midst of standing up a new research warehouse that will be OMOP 5.x compliant (which will be new for us). We have created ETLs for OMOP 3.x back in the days, but what we are hoping for is to learn from someone about their journey in creating a IW using the OMOP standard as derived from Epic.

Would someone with that experience be willing to talk to us about their journey?

Thanks in advance
Tim Huerta, PhD
Professor and CRIO
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

hi, I would like to join / contribute - robyn.rubin@moh.gov.il (israel)

  • that is if it not too late

Hi @robyn.rubin,

It’s never too late to join the working group! All you need to do is sign up for the EHR WG and an OHDSI MSTeams account on this page and select the “Join OHDSI in MS Teams/Pick a work group” toggle.

Hello all,

Our next meeting will be January 3, 2022 at 10am Eastern Time. Qi Li and Ethan Fener will present InterSystems, creators of IRIS (Cache) and how it can interact with the OMOP CDM.

Join us here

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At our next meeting on January 17, 2022 we will do a retrospective review of 2021’s OKRs and create a rough draft for 2022’s OKRs. As we have done in the past, I would like to collect a list of topics or speakers we would like presented at our meetings. Please join us on the call, email me or reply to this post with your ideas!

Hello all,

Next meeting: February 14, 2022 @ 10am Eastern Time

Location: MS Teams

Topic: First 30 minutes: Based on our OKRs, devise a list of topics & speakers for this upcoming year. Second 30 minutes: Open agenda, let us help you in any thing OMOP, OHDSI or observational research!

Hello All

I would like to join upcoming meeting if possible. I missed the one yesterday, we are in process of EPIC - OMOP CDM adoption and would love to learn more in this group.

Thank you
Email: Aamirah.Vadsariya@utsouthwestern.edu

Hello Aamirah and welcome to OHDSI!

I can add you to the group after you sign up for an OHDSI MS Teams account here. Alternatively, if you check the Healthcare Systems Group (formerly EHR WG) when filling out the form, you will automatically be added to the group!

Hi Melanie

Thank you, just signed up for EHR WG.

Hello all,

Next meeting: March 28, 2022 @ 10am Eastern Time

Location: MS Teams

Agenda: Updates on our group and the broader OHDSI community. Then open conversation. Let us help you in any thing OMOP, OHDSI or observational research!

The Healthcare Systems IG will host a presentation & discussion on exporting data out of the CDM on April 11th at 10am Eastern Time.

Use case to export out of the CDM: data to be analyzed needs to contain PHI or PII, the analytic method or data fields aren’t supported by Atlas

@guy_livne, @vramella, and @Daniel_Smith have solutions to present. Each presentation is 15 minutes and we will take questions during the last 15 minutes.

Thank you, @guy_livne and @Daniel_Smith for presenting your use cases and solutions on our call this past Monday. The recording and slides have been uploaded to our MS Teams channel.

The presentation and discussion will continue on Monday, May 9th when @vramella will present her shiny app.

Please add me to your List. Would like to attend the meetings if they are still on.
Nita Deshpande
Time Zone: US Eastern

Hello and welcome to OHDSI, @ndeshpa! I just forwarded you the invite. Hope to see you soon!


Hello all,

Our next meeting will be Monday, June 20th at 10am Eastern. We will have an open agenda meeting. All questions and discussions regarding EHR data, the OMOP CDM, ETL, use cases, healthcare research or OHDSI are welcome! If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does :slight_smile:

Hello friends with EHR data,

One of the Healthcare Systems group’s objectives this year is “To provide support for transforming source EHR data to the CDM”. Currently, we provide support through answering questions on the forums and during our regularly scheduled work group meetings. Another product we would like to provide to the community is a central repository of different OMOP sites, their underlying EHR system, and attributes. This will allow new OHDSI collaborators to find and reach out to sites with similar infrastructure, EHR systems, and/or research goals. Participating in this survey does NOT commit you to being a mentor, providing your ETL script, or even answering your email. However, we hope you embrace the spirit of our open source community and contribute to the cause. We all learn as we OMOP our data. I’ve been very active in the OHDSI community and digging deep into EHR data for 8 years, and I still learn something new every day. But I think all persons in any field of science continue to learn because science is continually evolving. Here’s the link to the google form.

Hi @MPhilofsky and as well as the Forums and Community Calls we have free educational resources, such as the ETL learning pathway on the EHDEN Academy. 67 Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe will have used this alone by September this year for their EHDEN certification.

We launched the Usagi course last week as the latest addition to the pathway.