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EHR data survey

Hello friends with EHR data,

One of the Healthcare Systems group’s objectives this year is “To provide support for transforming source EHR data to the CDM”. Currently, we provide support through answering questions on the forums and during our regularly scheduled work group meetings. Another product we would like to provide to the community is a central repository of different OMOP sites, their underlying EHR system, and attributes. This will allow new OHDSI collaborators to find and reach out to sites with similar infrastructure, EHR systems, and/or research goals. Participating in this survey does NOT commit you to being a mentor, providing your ETL script, or even answering your email. However, we hope you embrace the spirit of our open source community and contribute to the cause. We all learn as we OMOP our data. I’ve been very active in the OHDSI community and digging deep into EHR data for 8 years, and I still learn something new every day. But I think all persons in any field of science continue to learn because science is continually evolving. Here’s the link to the google form.