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EHDEN: The need for health data in the era of Covid-19

(David Vizcaya) #1

Hola a todos!
In case it did not reach the OHDSI en Español members through other channels. I hope it raises lots of interest in Spain and spanish-speaking countries! :slight_smile:

This webinar series, organised by the multi-stakeholder Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project EHDEN in partnership with Vital Transformation, will present an opportunity to explore utilisation of Real World Data/Real World Evidence in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, as well as to compare and analyse wider European and Spanish RWD/RWE initiatives in the spirit of creating collaborations and strengthening relationships.

The Covid-19 pandemic underscores the need for high-quality health data that is readily deployed. Europe’s early epidemiological assessments at the start of the pandemic projected infection and mortality rates by orders of magnitude in error. Once the pandemic was in full swing, official statistics in most European countries underreported coronavirus-related deaths. More recently, the retraction of two separate clinical studies for hydroxychloroquine published in two top medical journals due to unreliable primary data collection and meta-analysis demonstrated the importance of data quality for assessing vitally needed medicines. This session will offer distinct perspectives on how to address data problems such as these in the future so as to steer health policy with clarity and minimize negative repercussions on health outcomes beyond the pandemic.

Invited speakers for this first webinar (all confirmed):

• Raquel Yotti, Director of National Health Institute Carlos III: A Spanish perspective
• Rafael Bengoa, Director of SI-Health and former health minister of the Basque Country: A Spanish perspective
• George Hripcsak, Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) network: A global perspective
• Xavier Kurz, European Medicines Agency (EMA): A regulatory perspective
_• Dani Prieto-Alhambra, European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN): A project perspective _