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ED Triage Category

Dear Team,

A number of our existing reports for Emergency department use “Triage Category”. I could not find a field in OMOP CDM to store this value. Is it something that we should be capturing in OMOP?


Do you have a research use case for that?

Hi Christian,

I do not have a research use case for it yet. But a number of the current reports used by the emergency department have triage captured against it and so was wondering if there is a field in OMOP to capture the same.


Well, I could imagine for studying how outcomes are dependent on the triage level. This could be recorded as an Observation or as a Condition Status. Feel free to suggest something, based on the data.

The triage category is against a visit_occurrence - basically a category assigned to an emergency encounter. So, I am not sure how this can be put against an Observation or Condition Status.


Hi Christian,

I came across this concept id = 4158771 (Name: Triage Index, Domain: Measurement, Class: Staging/Scales) - Can this be used to store the Emergency Triage Category within Measurement domain? Concept would be 4158771 and the actual category value can be stored in value_as_number field? The measurement can then be linked back to the visit_occurrence record. Please let me know if this approach is ok.


Yes, but it depends on the condition the patient is in. So, you could consider assigning it to the conditions the patient was delivered with.

Sure. Except it will be unknown to any analyst. Your problem is not where you could stash some data point, but whether it will be queried by an externally created cohort definition. Unless you want to use these data only internally. At that point you can do whatever you want.

You don’t need that. ED Triage categories will only be relevant to an ED visit, and at any one time a patient will only have maximally one of these.

Hello Everyone!

We encountered a similar problem - we do not know where to store our triage data. Right now, this data will be used in a local study, but we would like to store it in a way so it is usable fur future federated studies.

So as you recommended @Christian_Reich, it should be stored as Condition Status or Observation, I found something that sounds good: Seen by triage nurse (Domain: Observation, Concept Class: Clinical Finding, Vocabulary: SNOMED, Concept ID: 4152728)

Does this look right to you?

@meeraraju, what do you think?


Sounds about right.

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