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Early-Stage Researchers Meeting Links


Below are the MS Teams links for the Early-Stage Researchers Working group.

This recurring MS Teams link will be used for the [Europe - East Coast - West Coast] meeting that will take place on the second Monday of each month at 1pm UK time (first meeting on May 10):


This recurring MS Teams link will be used for the [East Coast - West Coast - Asia] meeting that will take place on the second Wednesday of each month at 4pm GMT+9 time (first meeting on May 12):


To be added as a member to the working group, please fill out the following form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lAAPoyCRq0q6TOVQkCOy1ZyG6Ud_r2tKuS0HcGnqiQZUOVJFUzBFWE1aSVlLN0ozR01MUVQ4T0RGNyQlQCN0PWcu


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As Faaizah mentioned, if you want to join the Early Stage Researchers WG, please fill out this form so I can add you in time for the first meeting May 10. Thanks!