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Duplicated SNOMED concepts

(Alexander Sivura) #1

Hi there. There are two very similar SNOMED concepts:

Is it a mistake in vocabularies? I think only one of them should be a standard one

(Eduard Korchmar (Terminologist @ Odysseus Vocabulary Team)) #2

Hello! These two concepts are obviously duplicates and are a mistake.

Unfortunatelly, this is not an error we made. It looks like the concept with the code 431651000124109 was created as duplicate later in SNOMED CT US Edition. This link requires UMLS account to view, but you could check International SNOMED browser: the code is not there.

SNOMED US Edition is scheduled to update this October. Hopefully we will update SNOMED in vocabularies around that time too, so this problem will be fixed.

I would recommend using https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/46269998 for mapping or creating concept sets for now. The duplicate concept will eventually be deprecated and re-mapped to the former concept.

Update: I’ve just tried to report the duplicate on US SNOMED’s content request system. It looks like they are already aware of the issue and it is getting fixed next release.

(Christian Reich) #3

Should we put a rule in place by where we de-dup obviously duplicated concepts and pick the one with the lower concept_code (usually the international one, which tends to survive anyway)?