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Duplicate 'Tumor registry' concepts

(Rimma Belenkaya) #1

There are duplicate ‘Tumor Registry’ concepts in the ‘Type Concept’ domain:

|32,534|Tumor Registry|Type Concept|Meas Type|Meas Type|S|OMOP4822267|
|32,535|Tumor Registry|Type Concept|Condition Type|Condition Type|S|OMOP4822266|

This does not look right from any perspective. The domain is the same while vocabulary is different? ‘Tumor Registry’ comes from the same vocabulary and has the same meaning in different domains. Besides, it violates the fundamental OMOP vocabulary principle: one standard concept for one semantic meaning.

Could we reduce this to one concept please?

Thank you.

(Christian Reich) #2


Short answer: Of course. Right away.

Longer answer: I need to make a change request to the Lord in Heaven to add a couple hours to my days. It’s a Themis issue and on my plate. Will get to it soon.