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Drug_type_concept_id values from drug exposure table, what do they represent? Is there overlap?

(Paola Suarez) #1

Dear members,

Do you know what the values for drug_type_concept_id variable in the drug_exposure table represent?

38000175-Prescription dispensed in pharmacy
38000177 Prescription written
38000180-Inpatient administration
43542358-Physician administered drug(identified from EHR observation)
Do you know how these values are derived? Is there overlap? I thought all drugs are administered by physicians (43542358? Or is there a distinction (Nurse practitioner vs Doctor?)

Is there a place with documentation about how the OMOP variables such as the one above were derived/represent?


(Christian Reich) #2


Those Type Concepts you mention are obsolete and their standard_concept is set to null. We overhauled all of them recently.

The new ones are would be

No. Type Concepts are declaring the source of the information. Not the source of the act. That you need to look up in the PROVIDER table record linked to the DRUG_EXPOSURE record through the provider_id field.