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Drug ingredient descendants without combination concepts

Hi there, I was wondering if there is an easy way to find out whether a drug “parent” (ingredient level) has descendants of combination drugs. or in other words, if a descendant is also mapped to another ingredient. The reason is that I need pure drug concepts and it is a bit cumbersome to work through all the descendants (because there can be many). I need the descendants to perform the analysis though.
Thank you for any suggestions! PS. Atlas is very slow, I am using ATHENA right now.

If you mean in SQL, what I would suggest is the following:

Find drugs that are descended from a given parent ingredient concept (I think you have this)
For each drug, perform a subquery to find parents that are class = ‘Ingredient’. Call this ‘parent_ingredient’.
Group by drug_concept_id, count (distinct parent_ingredient)
Having count(distinct parent_ingredient) = 1

In simple terms: single ingredient drugs are those drugs that have a single ingredient parent.

Yes, that makes sense :slight_smile: thank you @Chris_Knoll