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Drug Exposure (From CDS Data)

I’m mapping some CDS data, which is basically hospital data mostly taken when in connection to finances and costs etc.

I’ve had a look at Drug Exposure and the only 2 fields I can find within our CDS data is:

  1. Anaesthetic given during/post labour (which is one of these options - ANAESTHETIC GIVEN DURING LABOUR OR DELIVERY CODE)

  2. High Cost Drugs (which comes under OPCS-4 codes - Athena)

Unfortunately, we literally just have the codes and no real data on when it was administered/prescribed etc. At best, we have a connection to when the patient visited the hospital or the dates they stayed so can use that data. Not very accurate though.
For example, a patient could stay for 2 months and we would have just 1 record that he received some drugs during that period.

Any thoughts? Could these both end up in Observation instead?

Which codes? The OPCS-4? Or other codes? Which country are you in?

Based in the UK (NHS)
Yeah we literally have the OPCS-4 codes only to give us the procedures. We don’t have anything else around doses, or exact date of treatment, or anything else.

For the avoidance of doubt: You have no SNOMED, dm+d, Gemscript or Multilex codes lying around in the corner? What kind of data do you have?

It’s NHS data, and the codes I am referring to are OPCS-4 or are UK Biobank.

With regards to mapping, I am comfortable with that. Just to clarify, my question is whether we should map or not, bearing in mind that we only have the codes (which we can map) but don’t have anything around dates when it was prescribed/administered, or doses or anything else. We can make assumptions on date administered by the date they visited the hospital. That is not so accurate, because a patient could stay in a hospital for 2 months, but not receive the specific treatment till the end, but our mapping will have to show the date of the visit.