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Drug brand name to ingredient mapping

Hello Everyone,

I have a drug brand name like Diabetmin. Currently I don’t have this drug in Athena vocab, hence couldn’t try it out myself. Has anyone experienced similar scenario before and can share your experience?

Instead of mapping it directly to brand name Diabetmin, I would like to map it to its ingredient which is Metformin

Can applying the filter “ingredient” in Athena/Usagi will get me the output metformin ? or it will return 0 records because there isn’t no exact match for Diabetmin under Ingredient category.

If there is no such a drug in Athen, there is nothing you can do with it, except for mapping it in your source data. But if OMOP Vocabs do have a brand name, then you’ll be able to trace its ingredients.
For example, here you can see the link between Diabesin and metformin.
Does it help?

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Thanks @aostropolets. It helps but it is non-standard concept??

I believe the same can be done for standard concepts as well through Usagi?

Brand names are always non-standard (as opposed to Branded Drugs, which may be), so no worries. If you want to map your brand names to OMOP ids via usagi, you can do that but again, will have to select non-standard concepts.

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Hi Anna,

How can we use Usagi for Brand Names mapping? Even if we remove filter for “Standard concept” Usagi does not show them:

I found this issue on Github Gap between Concepts and Searchable Terms · Issue #61 · OHDSI/Usagi · GitHub