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DRG codes change their meaning over time

(Nadya Zvyagina) #1

Hello all,

Almost all DRG codes changed their meaning 2-3 times. So to have the correct mapping we need use dates, but in this case old data will remain unmapped since the concepts corresponding to old meanings of these codes are non-standard.

For example:
123 - CIRC DISOR W AMI, EXPIRED - 10-1-1989 - 09-30-2007 Non Standard
123 - NEUROLOGICAL EYE DISORDERS - 10-1-2007 - 12-31-9999 Standard

The similar problem exists for HCPCS and it is discussed here HCPCS codes change their meaning over time

So please notify when the common solution is worked out for these problems.


Important! Change in rule for CONCEPT records: concept_code is not longer unique within some vocabularies
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HCPCS codes change their meaning over time
(Vojtech Huser) #2

One approach might be: (just stating the obvious)

a given source value code is treated as a combination of what-code,when,what-terminology[+version].

In this view, 123 in 2006 is distinct from 123 in 2010.

Current approach seems to only take what-code and what-terminology.