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DQD errors on CDM 5.4 because of renamed fields


I am running DQD version 2.4.0 on an OMOP CDM version 5.4. Although I understand from other posts that this version of DQD should support CDM 5.4, I still get a bunch of errors because of the fields in VISIT_OCCURRENCE and VISIT_DETAIL that were renamed going from CDM 5.3 to CDM 5.4 (for example DQD is expecting a field named ADMITTING_SOURCE_CONCEPT_ID, but that is now named ADMITTED_FROM_CONCEPT_ID). What am I doing wrong (or did I misunderstand things)?


Hi! Are you sure you set cdmVersion = '5.4' when you ran executeDqChecks?

@katy-sadowski Thanks! I now see where it went wrong. In the code in the Getting Started document the cdmVersion is set, but subsequently it isn’t passed to executeDqChecks().

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Ahh, sorry about that! I’ve filed an issue to fix this here: https://github.com/OHDSI/DataQualityDashboard/issues/478

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