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Dq checks error in nchar(object, type = 'chars' ) invalid multibyte string, element 4

Hi, I’m working with DataQualityDashboard, and I got the following error:

error in nchar(object, type = ‘chars’ ) invalid multibyte string, element 4

My code is the following
executDqChecks(connectionDetails=connDetails, cdmDatabaseSchema='gr2338', resultDatabaseSchema = 'gr2338' cdmSourceName='gr2338', outputFolder='DQChecks', outputFile = 'DQChecks.json')

And the connection detail is the following
connDetails<- createConnectionDetails(dbms='oracle',server='', user='gr2338', password='****', pathToDriver='C:/Program Files/sqldeveloper/jdbc/lib', oracleDriver='thin')

But as mentioned, I get the error. So, I searched some in internet, and some says that write the code Sys.setlocale('LC_ALL','C'). And if i do that, then I get the following error:

Error in rJava::.jcall(p, “Ljava/lang/object;”, “setProperty”, names(properties)[i], : Unable to start conversion to UTF-16

How can I run the code?


I think I’m having problem with the cdmSourceName. What exactly do I write for it? I just wrote anything but is there a meaning to it?

If I use Sys.setlocale('LC_ALL','english') inestead of Sys.setlocale('LC_ALL','C'), then I get the following error

DBMS: oracle error: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942 table or view does not exist: SQL SELECT * FROM gr2338.cdm_source.

And here, what would be cdm_source table? I’m thinking it is related to cdmSourceName, which I cannot figure out.

I figured out. In the gr2338 schema, there wasn’t cdm_source table. I didn’t know there is a table named cdm_source table.