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Domain for LOINC

(Liz Hanchrow) #1

I have 2 vocabulary questions:

  1. One of the physician scientists recently noticed LOINC 2532-0 (used for LDH labs) is now mapping to OBSERVATION table and not MEASUREMENT table. Can OHDSI please check this to see if this needs revising?

  2. We noticed the VA product code vocabulary version hasn’t been updated since 8/2018. Is this the latest version or did we miss something in our vocabulary updates?

Liz Hanchrow RN, MSN

(Alexander Davydov) #2

This LOINC is deprecated and mapped over to SNOMED. The issue is the unclean SNOMED domains. We’re working on it right now so it will be fixed with the further SNOMED release in Athena.

(Christian Reich) #3

Where were told the VA Products are no longer maintained and used. Neither are VA Classes. Is that not true?