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Does historical medication data should go in Drug_Exposure?

(shweta) #1


Historical medication data have blank start_date and end_date in it. Due to which Drug_Era is not showing correct results.
Shall I put such data in drug_exposure entity or can we utilize such data for any other OMOP entity?

Data set doesn’t have the dates but it contains relevant information required for drug_exposure like SIG, Dispense Qty, Refills etc.

As dates are not available, how can I utilize such information for Drug_Era and Drug_Exposure?


  • Shweta

(Tarun Shah) #2

Hi @chawdary , Start date is not null in all the tables containing it. I’m also struggling with condition start date having some null values.

If its a historical data and you need to map it like that only then you can use History of Medication use as Observation and map visit date as startDate if available.

(Anna Ostropolets) #3

Yes, you can only do ‘History of’ and put your drug concept_id into value_as_concept_id in the OBSERVATION table. SNOMED is probably better than LOINC ( 4207283 History of drug therapy), since we already use SNOMED to represent personal or family history of procedures and conditions.
Should go into Themis conventions as a separate line.