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Docker compose webapi dockerfile vs broadsea image


(Michael Shamberger) #1

I’m able to use broadsea docker compose file to start webapi and atlas. It takes the docker compose environment variables and overrides the property files such as database user and password. For example:


  • WEBAPI_URL=http://xx.102.40.25
  • env=webapi-mssql

I then build webapi from the dockerfile supplied in the ohdsi webapi project. I try to use similar docker-compose environment variables to override internal variables but it doesn’t work.

What is the difference between Broadsea and the webapi Dockerfile that allows it to process the docker compose environment variables?

I need to build from source to work on azure openid provider. I can’t hardcode variables in pom.xml since there will be many environments.

(Michael Shamberger) #2

The spring app when compiled using Dockerfile is not using the environment variables. environment variables should have precedence over the application.properties in the classpath.