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Do your Rx dispensation data have refills? (USA vs other countries)

(Vojtech Huser) #1

In USA, in pharmacy dispensation data - there is a concept of refills. A patient can get a prescription for a drug (e.g., lipid lowering drug) and make 3 trips to the pharmacy. First pick up of drug’s supply for January and then do refill 1 in February and refill 2 in March. (and than a new prescription with new 2 refills)

I wonder if in France, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, XYZ county, there is even such a thing as refills? You simply get all 3 months in a single dispensation. Can you please describe your Rx data and if the concept/idea of refills is “in your Rx dispensation data” ? (tagging @Rijnbeek @MaximMoinat @Alexdavv @rwpark )

See this Part D data dictionary https://www.resdac.org/cms-data/files/pde/data-documentation

(Chungsoo Kim) #2

Hi, I’m Chungsoo Kim from Ajou university.

There is no system like a prescription refill in Korea. For ETC drugs, we need to go back to the hospital to get the prescription even that is the same before.

Chungsoo Kim

(Hainiwen) #3

In China, no refills were given. We usually prescribe one-month medication and if pt needs again, he or she needs another Rx.
I once worked in a US sponsored hospital so I kinda of see more differences: US pts pick up meds in community pharmacies rather than hospitals, yet Chinese pts picked up meds at hospital pharmacy, rather than community ones: since you’re already checking in the hospital, then it makes sense that you get a Rx. (except that hospitals are over burdened).
Giving refills is the pattern that Chinese Healthcare System might want to copy paste, but for now, not yet.

(Christian Reich) #4

No refills in Germany. You need a new prescription. People take out longer prescriptions for chronic treatments.