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Do we have any open sourced patient level viewer based on CDM yet?

(Guannan Gong) #1

In our research based on OMOP CDM patient data, we would love to have a tool to visualize patient level data. Is there any good open sourced tool provided by the community yet? Thank you!

(Manlik Kwong) #2

Do you mean being able to have a aggregate view of an individual patient’s timeline of visits and all the OMOP concepts associated with the patient? Observations, conditions, procedures, meds, devices, and measurements?

(Rosa Bianca Gallo) #3


I think this would be interesting for you to read: New proposed Atlas features: Cohort Sample and Profile timeline

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(Roger Carlson) #4

I created an MS Access application to do that

With it, I can validate my OMOP against my EHR data in one single place.

(Vojtech Huser) #5

Sigfried Gold wrote one. It is included within Atlas.

(Guannan Gong) #7

Thank you, I will check that out!

(Guannan Gong) #8

Thank you, I’ve been checking the online demo http://www.ohdsi.org/web/atlas/

Could you point me under which tab I can access that? I couldn’t find it.

(Jose Posada) #9

Hi @Guannan_Gong,

It is the profile tab. You will need the person_id number to visualize the patients. Alternatively, when you generate a simple report for a cohort, you can use the tornado view to select a sample of patients that satisfy the cohort.